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The Screen Reader Experience

A number of people on our HTML and CSS training course seem a little intimidated by the idea of using a screen reader like Windows Eyes and Thunder screen readers. I have had one or two technical issues running these on my laptop, as it’s never configured in exactly the same way as I usually […]

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The Side Effect of Web Standards

Building websites that comply with basic web standards is now something that is common place. Those who regularly build professional sites are building to a basic sets of technology web standards primarily maintained by the W3C. I used to ask a class of students on my CSS Web Design course to list their favourite websites […]

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Web Standards versus Accessibility

I very often say that the standards laid out by the W3C is not neccesarily the holy grail. They are recommended sets of guidelines on various technologies. All those that have attended the our HTML & CSS course should know that… i also mention on the course that syntax validation does not equal an accessible […]

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